Thank you so much for your order!
Here is the checklist for our rush gig. Please review!

1. Is your script the correct number of words?
-No more than 35 words for $5 basic order
-No more than 55 words for $5 extra ($10 total)

*If your script is longer than the amount you purchased, please revise, or we will only be able to film up to the word count the price covers. Please DO NOT order multiples to get longer scripts!!
This gig has a 55-word max word count due to its fast delivery time.

If you'd like a longer video filmed, please order on our other gig by clicking HERE.

Due to our keeping more than 50 orders in queue at all times and working around full-time jobs, there is just no time to complete longer orders in this time frame. Thank you for understanding!

2. Did you ask us to do something unusual?
Like wear something that's not pictured on our outfit selection photo?
Or film in a location other than our neutral, studio backdrop?
Unfortunately, we can't do that. With our heavy workload, we truly don't have time to tend to unusual requests, and often don't see order comments until just before we're about to film your video.

3. Are you promoting something related to sexual innuendo, drugs, violence or adult language? Anything that wouldn't be considered "G" or "PG" rated?
We can't do that.
Moral oppositions aside, promoting this sort of content would be harmful to our business careers in the workforce outside of Fiverr.

If you ordered EXTRAS:

1. For outfit requests:
Please pick which look you'd like by selecting option 1-6, OR just let us know which shirt color you'd like. (ROYGBVWP) Refer to photo at the TOP for selection.
We CANNOT modify the looks. What you see is what you get! :)

2. Did you pick the URL/Logo option?
Please specify which you'd like to appear in the video.
If you've provided a logo, please upload and attach it to the order.

3. If you ordered the green screen option:
Please note you will receive the video with the plain green background, and no effects will be applied. (We leave that up to our buyers!)

*We will only perform a redelivery if we have made an error in the script or direction. If your directions do not meet our moral guidelines, we have the right to request a cancellation, ask you to amend the script or omit the unsuitable material. Additional changes in the video left unspecified in your original order can be completed through an additional purchase for re-shoots and modifications.

Well, that about covers it! If you've made sure to follow these directions, then you are a total rockstar, and your video is all set to go!! If not, please revise your directions now, and get ready to receive your awesome promotional video...FAST! :)